Kids and Pets

Arthur Macs is a place for big kids, little kids, and furry kids. We have some rad stuff for kids and pets here, and we ask they follow some house rules so everyone stays safe.

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Retro Arcade

Our retro game room features the best vintage arcade games! The arcade is a perfect activity to occupy the kids while you enjoy a beer, or to play yourself (just to see if you still got it, of course).

Rules: Coin operated, adult supervision required, no shoving, & most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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Kid’s Play Area

The kid’s play area is for kids 4-12yo (Sorry big kids)

Rules: Sharing is caring, adult supervision required.

Dogs & Pups

Rules: Dogs must be on a leash (please keep a close eye)

Kid Rules

You’re responsible for keeping an eye on the little ones and any damage they cause

Playground Rules

Summary Block styles unique to this template

Pet Rules

you’re responsible for any injury or damage they may cause

Arcade Rules

DOn’t be a dick

Products and Merch

We have dog treats, dog outfits and others